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In the area of energy production, it is a common fact that the future lies in renewable energy systems. Therefore, it is logical that in the past few years numerous investment plans and technical designs have been drawn towards this direction with continuous system improvements and innovation (solar-thermal, photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal).

In Europe, South-West Asia and North Africa there has been increasing chatter about so-called “supergrids”, which could join up diverse regions in the power generation market, and which could help with integrating an increasing amount of renewable energy into the energy system.

DESERTEC FOUNDATION 2010, Renewable Energy Super-Grid

European Commission - Annual production of electricity from the installation of photovoltaic systems fixed orientation

The “Supergrid” European map visualizes results of studies and is a futuristic approach of how this area could be autonomous, generating energy exclusively from renewable sources. Hence, investors searching for opportunities have already began moving towards this direction, as this sector promises secure turn-back and profit.

Investment in this area can be achieved with the construction of renewable energy generating parks; though installation of these systems on a smaller scale is rapidly growing, for numerous reasons:

  • Improvement of systems due to long term usage
  • Minimization of system production costs
  • Ease the production of the generated energy collection from the electricity network since it will be produced in various sources
  • Increase of renewable energy generation with respective decrease of materials used for energy generation that potentially could harm the environment
  • Encourage local initiative for investment and help local economy