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With the development of the environmental management system ISO 14001:2004, STAR TECHNICAL S.A recognizes its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and humans, and is committed to:

  • Continuously improve its environmental performance,

  • prevent and reduce the pollution caused by its activities,

  • comply with environmental laws

  • comply with all requirements under the Licensing.

With the development of the environmental management system ISO14001 relating to:

  • “Construction and Maintenance of Electrical Works, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering ”

  • “Maintenance and Cleaning any kind Infrastructure

  • “Hire of Construction Machinery with Operator”

the company identifies all environmental aspects related to its activities and develop procedures and programs to continually improve its environmental performance. The company's environmental policy focuses on:

  • Management of solid waste, giving priority to the separate collection for recycling and composting

  • Saving energy by developing a system to monitor the consumption of natural resources

  • Constant updating of senior management and staff on environmental issues

The company's environmental policy is published, communicated, implemented and supported by every employee in the company.