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George Argyropoulos
Co-founder and Chairman

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George Argyropoulos graduated from Athens Technical University as a Land and Quantity Surveyor in 1979 and since then has been involved in the construction of major construction projects including the extension of the Megalopoli Power Plant Station and the Hellenic Refinery of Aspropyrgos.

(1983-1986) Worked as a Consulting Engineer in Road Design.

(1986-1996) Was involved as a private contractor responsible for the construction of school buildings, blocks of apartments, luxury villas and Public Works Projects.

(1996 present) Co-founder and Chairman of STAR Technical S.A. - responsible for the overall strategy of the firm.

Christos Lebecos
Co-founder and Managing Director

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Christos Lebecos graduated from Queen Mary College (Univ. of London) with an Honours Degree as a Civil Engineer in 1979. He obtained a Master of Engineering Degree from New South Wales University in 1982.

(1979-1983) Gained experience in Timber Engineering Structures as a Design and Supervision Engineer with "Gang Nail Ltd" in Australia.

Worked as a Structural Design Engineer with "Harris and Sutherland Plc." in Sydney Australia, involved in earth retained structures, bridges, storm water drainage, concrete and steel.

Senior Structural Engineer with "Miller Milston & Ferris Plc." was responsible for the structural design of major concrete and steel structures including the Singapore Indoor Stadium Centre and the Australian Pavillion in Venice, Italy.

(1988-1996) Partner and Technical Manager of "VSL Systems S.A." in Athens, Greece, which is a subsidiary of the French firm Boygues involved mainly in prestressed concrete structures including the Evripos cable stay bridge.

(1996 present)
Co-founder and Managing Director of STAR Technical S.A.

John Drouviotis
Director of Management System

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John Drouviotis graduated from Democritus University of Thrace as a Civil Engineer in 1990.

He obtained his Master of Science degree from Liverpool University in 1991 in Maritime Civil Engineering.

(1993-present) Worked as a Site Engineer Contractor in Building Construction, sewage, storm water drainage, road and various Civil Engineering Structures.

(1996 present) Along with the above activity he has been Manager of Quality System, Health and Safety and Environmental Protection at STAR Technical S.A.


On a permanent basis, STAR TECHNICAL S.A. counts a personel of eighteen employees:

  • 6 Engineers

  • 5 Administrative personnel

  • 8 on-site technicians

  • Construction workers *

* Construction workers are employed according to the needs of each project