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The vision of the Management of STAR TECHNICAL S.A is the construction of high quality projects and maintenance services that meet the needs of its customers, according to the Greek law, Community regulations and rules of science, art and technique, while forming a diverse technical and commercial company in the construction sector.

The activities of STAR TECHNICAL S.A which are included within the scope of the Integrated System of Environmental Quality & HSAS are:

  • "Construction and Maintenance of Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering "

  • “Maintenance and Cleaning of any kind Infrastructure ”

  • “Hire of Construction Machinery with Operator”

Our strategy is to:

  • Execute technically proficient projects while using appropriate materials and tools

  • Satisfy customer requirements

  • Minimize accidents in the implementation of our projects

  • Control of waste during construction projects, and the reduction control of all characteristics of completed projects

  • Commit to provide all necessary resources for compliance and continuous improvement of Quality System ISO 9001:2008.

While applying our strategy we are committed to the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Constant increase in the satisfaction of our customers

  • Improve productivity and competitiveness and reduce costs

  • Reduce customer complaints

  • Continue the education of employees

  • Continue to improve the efficiency of the processes of the Quality System.