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Electrification of a housing settlement and farm on the island of Kythnos by means of photovoltaic systems
Three independent photovoltaic systems have been installed and are operating on private properties on the island of Kythnos. This has been done within the framework of two European research and demonstration projects (JOR3-CT98-0244 (PV-MODE) and JOR3-CT98-0215 (PV MORE)).
These were carried out by CRES in co-operation with the Municipality of Kythnos and two collaborating organisations from Germany (the research institute ISET and the power transformer company SMA). The general contractor for the execution of the three afore mentioned photovoltaic projects was STAR TECHNICAL S.A.
The two experimental photovoltaic systems were installed in the village of Gaidouromantra Kythnos, where 11 homes are connected to electricity. Each house has a 6 amp, single phase counter (ΔΕΗ) and is provided with enough electricity to power the lighting, refrigerator, small electrical appliances, etc. The residents were required to use high-performance devices such as fluorescent lamps and refrigerators with good insulation.

The third installation was on a farm in Tripios where a water pump, a refrigerator, lights and beekeeping equipment are powered by electricity.

Photovoltaic systems consist of photovoltaic generators which produce direct current, power inverters which convert direct current into alternating and the batteries which store the electricity for availability during the night. The construction of the whole project and all equipment used to meet all the essential ( safety and quality )standards required by the European and National Commission.

For the proper management and maintenance of the systems CRES, contracts, covering the rights , obligations and responsibilities of each party( Municipality of Kythnos and the owners of the housing units ) have been drawn up. CRES and the two German partner- companies- share the responsibility for repairing and maintaining the photovoltaic units. Electricians from Kythnos were specifically trained in order to complete the project, and maintain the system.